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Antique Car Insurance in Arizona

Call 1-800-790-0889 or eMail Us Your Information

Our Customers Say it Best!

Need a Professional Appraisal?

Why Talk to an 800 number?

You can talk to us for the same premium cost!

Eight Reasons To Use The Kreisman Agency and Not an 800 Number?

  1. We have experience insuring all types of Antique, Modified, Commercial and personal use Vehicles.
  2. Why talk to an 800 when you can talk to an Agent for the same price?
  3. We come to you or travel to the shops where your cars are.
  4. We take car of all the paperwork and hassles, especially with multiple Cars.
  5. We know the local Arizona resources to get your car back in shape in the event of a loss.
  6. We talk to a lot of Classic Car Dealers and Owners, so if your looking for that special car, we may be able to help find that car!
  7. We perform a free Personal Insurance Review on your home and daily use vehicles. In 90% of the reviews, we identify gaps in coverage that could have cost our clients of thousands if a loss had occurred.
  8. We drive Classic Vehicles Ourselves- See Jim Kreisman in his 1965 Convertible Mustang.

How we get your Antique Car insured fast?
  1. Based on the type of Antique Car you have, we let you know the documents we will need
    • Professional Appraisal or Bill of Sale/Receipts
    • Vehicle Specification Sheet (Highlights of vehicle features)
    • Copy of Drive License (may not be required)
    • Copy Insurance Policy of daily use car
  2. We come to the locations of the Antique Cars
    • Take pictures
    • Determine the premium
    • Fill out the application
    • You write a check
  3. We deliver the Application, Appraisal and required supporting documentation to insurance company
    • Overnight delivery is available
  4. With our processing style, we usually get approval within one day after delivery!

What is the differences between all the Classic Car Insurance Companies?
  • Under Writing Rules
  • Some have mileage restrictions
  • Some have Engine and Body Modification restrictions
  • Some do not insure kit cars
  • Some require you to insure UM/UIM, towing and glass on all Antique Cars while others only charge you once with the assumption you can only drive one car at a time
  • Some provide Actual Cash Value up to the insured policy limit while other policies are Stated Value policies
  • Some will insure Antique Vehicles in the process of being restored
  • Most require cars to be garaged at all times
  • Some require an appraisal while other will accept a bill of sale or receipts
  • Some require minimal paper work while other require detailed worksheets
  • Some do not offer towing
  • Some require a proof of current insurance and require you to insure the same coverage's
  • Some are more relaxed on tickets - NONE FORGIVE A DUI!
  • Some insure an entire collections while other insure each car separately

Why Does The Kreisman Agency Require A Professional Appraisal and Specification Sheet?

  1. A professional appraisal is essential in determining the current market value of your car and the maximum you will be able to insure it for. If a classic car company has a higher than normal loss ratio on your model, you may not be able to insure your car for its full value. The value will be determined by the classic car company.
  2. When you are involved in an accident where the other party is at fault, your professional appraisal may dramatically reduce the legal proceedings involved. It is better to have a professional appraisal and pictures of a vehicle before it is a total loss.
  3. If you do not have a bill of sale or your receipts are unavailable and you are in a rush to get the vehicle insured.
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